StoryLOK- the Storytelling Society of India

10-year-old boy Arnay Agarwal started the Story Telling Society India (STSI), within his small circle of friends and family, little did he know that it would soon expand far and wide and become a well-known organization among storytellers and impress children, parents and storytellers of all ages from all over the country and beyond.

People from across the world reach out to STS India to join events organized by it at regular intervals. While the main objective of STS India is to promote storytelling among children, it has widened its horizon by making musical concerts and talent shows as part of frequent storytelling events.

We organizes events around festivals like Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas. When announced the Dussehra event, everyone was in disbelief that they could perform age-old traditions of Ravan Dahan live from the laptop. It was an extraordinary experience and Arnay narrated many stories to teach the significance of Dussehra to children and adults and told them about the different ways it is celebrated. The Diwali story telling event too was very exciting. Children enjoyed bursting green crackers live with the audience digitally. We narrated many stories of Diwali that are important in different parts of the country as many people would not be aware of stories like the Govardhan pooja, Return of Ram, Narkasur among many others. The Christmas event that Arnay organized was a great success and apart from children, many parents too participated in the event.

We encourage children to prepare and narrate stories on a particular theme and share their stories on webinar in front of audiences. These are theme-based sessions and some of the unique themes have been on Panchatantra stories, Indian Mythology, Great Freedom Fighters of India,Tales of Akbar and Birbal, self-written stories, stories of courage of Indian Army, funny stories, scary and spooky Stories and many more.

For more videos check out the youtube channel.